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One ISK is 0.0057 GBP and one GBP is 176.8298 ISK. This information was last updated on January 26, 2021 at 12:05 AM CET. Welcome to the ISK GBP rates page, where you can compare the Icelandic Krona Pounds rate. 1 ISK = 0.0057 GBP. 1 ISK = 0.0057 GBP 1 GBP = 174.7777 ISK. Currency exchange rates as of 31/03/2021 21:14 GMT. Sending Money Abroad? Foreign Currency? Get a FREE QUOTE. ISK GBP Today (31/03/2021 21:14) Convert: To: Value: Analysis: Convert To Result Explain 1 ISK: GBP: 0.005745 GBP: 1 Iceland Krona = 0.005745 British Pounds as of 4/23/2021 2020-09-20 Pounds GBP to Icelandic króna ISK exchange rate. Buy your Icelandic króna online at Post Office.

Icelandic krona to pound

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Invert graph The graph currently shows historical exchange rates for Iceland Kronur per 1 British Pound. Invert the graph to see British Pounds per 1 Iceland Krona. View Data Iceland was forced to devalue the Icelandic krona in 1922, by 23% against the Danish krone, which saw the beginning of an independent monetary policy in Iceland, and was to be the first of many subsequent devaluations of the krona. In 1925 the krona was pegged to the British pound for the next 14 years until the spring of 1939. Buy Icelandic Kronas online with today's best travel money rates Compare best Icelandic Krona exchange rate deals & save up to 10% on your travel money. Live pricing and cheapest deals on Icelandic Krona guaranteed.

1 ISK = 0.00576 GBP. Mid-market exchange rate at 19:37 UTC. The icelandic krona buy back exchange rate: The highest exchange rate will get you the most pounds for your icelandic krona (the opposite of when you exchanged your travel money in the first place!) Delivery costs: You will need to pay to send your icelandic krona to the buy back provider, using recorded delivery.

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Moreover, we added the list of the most popular conversions for visualization and the history table with exchange rate diagram for 250000 Icelandic Króna (ISK) to US Dollar (USD) from Saturday, 10/04/2021 till Saturday, 03/04/2021. 2020-06-05 Invert the graph to see British Pounds per 1 Iceland Krona. View Data View historical exchange rates for the Iceland Krona against the British Pound in a tabular format. Current British Pound Exchange Rates View current exchange rates for the British Pound.

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1500 ISK = 8.53731 GBP. 1500 British Pound To Iceland Krona . Exchange Rates Updated: Apr 21,2021 00:27 UTC. Full history please visit ISK/GBP History Convert currency 10 ISK to GBP. How much is 10 Icelandic Króna to British Pound Sterling? — 0.0571 British Pound Sterling. The best icelandic krona to pound exchange rate now is 181.7300 which is available from The FX Company. Conversion from Icelandic króna to British Pound can be done at current rates as well as at historical rates – to do this, select the desired exchange rate date. Today’s date is set by default.

лв412 Uzbekistani som to Icelandic Króna kr conversion online. CYP, Cyprus pound ISK, Icelandic krona [Note, December 2000: As from 1 January 2001, the currency of Greece will be the euro and the  Currency Conversion Swedish Krona to Falkland Islands Pound (SEK in FKP) ISK, Exchange Rates in Iceland (Icelandic króna ).
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Icelandic krona to pound

Convert Icelandic Krona to Pounds using the foreign exchange rate 21/04/2021 19:02.

2020-05-19 This Free Currency Exchange Rates Calculator helps you convert Icelandic Krona to British Pound from any amount. Pound sterling is also known as the British pound, British pound sterling, and sterling, sometimes abbreviated as ster or stg. ISK - Icelandic krona GBP - Pound sterling 10 ISK = 0.06 GBP The present rate of currency exchange for ISK and GBP is at 0.00598243 Pound to every Icelandic Krona. Changes in the value of 3900 Icelandic Krona (ISK) in Pound (GBP) For the week (7 days) 2021-04-20 Convert Icelandic Krona to British Pound, check current ISK to GBP exchange rate, view live or history isk to gbp chart.
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How much is 186.8 Icelandic KronasISK today?

Icelandic Krona to Egyptian Pound currency exchange rates 76.08 ISK = 9.6156 EGP 76.08 EGP = 601.9574 ISK Exchange Rates Updated : April 28, 2021 Convert Icelandic Krona (ISK) to Egyptian Pound (EGP) with a conversion calculator Result of conversion 930 Jersey Pound to Icelandic Krona. Convert 930 JEP to ISK to get actual value of this pair of currencies. We use international JEP/ISK exchange rate, and last update was today. Online converter show how much is 930 Jersey Pound in Icelandic Krona. The average exchange rate of Icelandic Krona in Pound Sterlings last week: 11.99 ISK = 0.0685 GBP How much is 11.99 Icelandic Krona in Pound Sterlings?